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Over the years, I've had the opportunity to work with people for a wide variety of conditions, issues, injuries, and types of pain.  Here is a longer list that includes the wide variety of conditions I've successfully worked with.  Feel free to contact me directly with questions.

Long COVID, including include headache, fatigue, respiratory issues, GI issues, loss of smell/ taste, neurological issues, cognitive issues/ deterioration, neuropathy.


Migraines, whether aided or unaffected by medication.


Concussion recent or long standing, and related symptoms: dizziness, vision changes, digestive changes, cognitive changes, sinus pain/ congestion/ pressure, referring/ lingering pain (neck, back, shoulders, face, sinuses), changes in personality/ mood.


Cluster migraines/ headaches.


Pain in head, pressure in head, temporary bouts of stabbing pain in various places on scalp and cranium.


Headaches related to weather patterns and changes in barometric pressure.


Headaches triggered by stress / anxiety.


Migraines with aura/ visual disturbances.  Nausea/dizziness with migraine.

Pressure behind eyes or in the temple area.


Headache with light sensitivity, or triggered by light.

Sleeplessness, triggered by anxiety/ stress, idiopathic. Including night terrors.


Stress/ anxiety:  triggered by situations, idiopathic, or ongoing. Inability to relax, chronically activated stress response/ anxiety, changes in breathing and digestion related to stress/ anxiety.

Menstrual/ hormonal issues:  headaches related to menstrual cycle, body pain, cramps, intense PMS

Brain fog / difficulty with concentration / ADD and ADHD symptoms, temporary or chronic.

Neck/back pain, acute or long standing. Related to injury, surgery, medication.

Thyroid issues: pain around thyroid area following surgery, thyroid issues following neck injury

Vaccine related issues: fatigue, body pain, headache, pain at injection site, elevated inflammation (local or general) following vaccine

Dizziness/ vertigo/ equilibrium issues, including BPPV, related to ear infection, related to allergies, related to travel/ driving/ flying.

Sinus congestion: acute or chronic, including facial, frontal/ forehead and ears, including sinus congestion that is unaffected by sinus medication/ sudafed. 

TMJ issues, including jaw pain, inability to open jaw, clicking/ popping in jaw, pain in and around jaw.


TMJ clenching/ grinding, whether neurological, related to stress/ anxiety, post dental visit.


Chronic inflammation, including local inflammatory response that has fatigued/ collapsed. 


Tooth pain related to jaw clenching.


Facial pain/ soreness: including pain in face, forehead, cheekbones, roof of mouth, in chin, under chin, in throat.


Eye pain: in eyes, around eyes, under eyes, behind eyes, above eyes. Sometimes related to headache/ sinus congestion/ pressure.


Pain in back: upper back, mid back, low back. Muscular and vertebral/ spinal.

Sacroiliac pain, related to sitting, sprain, injury, positional.


Sciatica, localized or radiating pain, pain / tingling / numbness, radiating into leg, lower leg, to foot, to sole of foot.

Tailbone injury, sprain, fracture, pain - acute and longstanding. 


Pain in extremities: shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, thighs, knees, lower legs, ankles, feet. Related to injury, repetitive motion/ overuse, sprain/ strain.  Includes joint pain and muscle pain.


Physical trauma from accidents. Car accidents/ MVA, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, slips and falls, bumps/ concussions, contusions. 


Sprains/ strains: all joints. 


Pre-surgical preparation for soft tissue:  preparation of muscle, fascia, nervous system, immune system in preparation for any surgical procedure. Including dental, abdominal, thoracic, extremities (arms and legs), reproductive, extractions, lasik, colonoscopy, endoscopy, intubation, cataract, dermatological, breast mastectomy/ implant/ lumpectomy/ reconstruction/ reduction.

Post surgical dysfunction and pain. Helping you feel more normal following surgical procedures. Including all procedures listed above, effects from anesthesia and reduction of physical pain.


The feeling of not being comfortable in one’s body. 

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