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How have I prepared for seeing clients in the current pandemic? (Updated 03/10/2023)

Emily here, I implement the following practices during sessions.  

* Face masks: I require N95 face masks worn during all CranioSacral sessions, regardless of your vaccination status. As a CranioSacral Therapist, I work very closely with all clients for an extended period of time during every session. N95 face masks are required for clients and caregivers, regardless of age or vaccination status. If you do not have an N95 mask, I can provide you with a new one for each session.  This is for my health, and for the health and safety of ALL of my clients, and people in my personal life.   

I am aware that some clients have special circumstances that make mask-wearing difficult or impossible, particularly those with trauma histories and special needs. Please discuss this with me at least 48 hours in advance of our appointment to see whether or not I am able to accommodate your needs.  

* If you arrive to your CranioSacral session with a single-layer fabric face mask, or anything other than an N95 face mask, I will request that you change to an N95 face mask that I will provide for you. If this does not work for you, I apologize for the inconvenience, and there is a likelihood that the session may be discontinued that day. 


* Increased focus on hand washing for myself and clients.  Additionally, hand sanitizer is available. 

* I provide clean sheets for each craniosacral therapy session. Sheets are washed in hot water with detergent and dried in high heat after each single use. 

* If you would like a blanket (normal or weighted) to use during your session, please bring one. I provide clean sheets and a table warmer for warmth. 

* For air treatment: I provide 2 HEPA air purifiers (Honeywell brand) AND two Germ Guardian UVC Air Sanitizers in my treatment room during sessions. 

* At any time in the week prior to our appointment (including day of our appointment), if you suddenly develop ANY symptoms of illness (not to be confused with allergies or asthma), or if you are exposed to someone with COVID, please cancel or reschedule.

Presently, there is no fee for short-notice cancellation/ reschedule due to symptoms of illness.   

* Please plan to arrive AT your scheduled session time (bathrooms remain available before and throughout appointments).

* If you arrive with a temperature of 100.0+ or 1.5 degrees over your normal temp, or exhibit any other symptoms of illness during our session, your appointment will be immediately canceled.   

* For those clients who prefer to remain Safe at Home, I understand and support your choice for your personal health and well-being.  Let me know if / when you are ready to schedule. 


* In my personal life, I self-quarantine when not at work, go out only when necessary, wear an N95 face mask when out, shop by curbside pick-up, and practice social distancing.

If you read this far, you know I take public safety seriously. This is for my health, the health of all of my clients, and the people in my personal life.  

Please contact me with any questions, suggestions, or updated information.  

I am always looking for ways to improve practices around client safety and wellness.


Thank you. 

Yours in healing,


Emily Klik, LMT, CST

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