Hello!  For the month of August 2022, a craniosacral therapy package deal is available for purchase at The Ommani Center, in Pewaukee. 


Here are the details:

$200 for 3 sessions.  Or buy 2 and get one session 1/2 off.

This deal is available for purchase between Aug 1 and Aug 31, 2022.

The package is nonrefundable.

3 month limit to use the 3 sessions. If you do not use all 3 sessions w/in 3 months of the date of purchase, the remaining credit will be applied to a future regular-priced session. 

Limit of 1 package per person at a time.  If you use all 3 sessions in August, you may purchase another package deal.

The package deal is limited to the person for whom it was purchased (e.g. self or a family member or friend).  No sharing between friends or family members. 

If a session is scheduled and missed or canceled w/less than 24 hours notice (except for cases of illness or covid exposure), one of the sessions in the package deal may be applied toward the canceled/ missed session. 

Let Emily or the front desk at The Ommani Center know if you have any questions.

The Ommani Center:  262-695-5311