In addition to extensive CranioSacral training, I am attuned to Reiki Level II, which includes distance/ remote energy.  


How it works:  We set up an appointment, just like a craniosacral session.  Our distance session will likely last 30-45 minutes.

While setting up the appointment, please let me know your preference of connecting before the appointment: text, phone, or Zoom video. How we connect is entirely up to you and your comfort level. You can also change your mind about how we connect, throughout this process. 


Just before our appointment, I recommend you find a comfortable quiet place to relax in your home, sitting or lying down.  If you wish to play some relaxing music, one of my personal favorites is Golden Spa Tones by Dean Evenson (available Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube etc). 

I will have a massage table set up in my living room, and will visualize you on it, just like in our sessions.


At the appointment time, I will contact you by text, phone, or Face time, whichever is your preference.  If you have a Zoom account, we can use your account. 

I will ask how you are doing physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

I will ask if there are any areas in which you would like to focus.

After briefly describing your intentions for our session, I will begin. (this is where, if it is your preference, we would end our phone/ video call)


Then I spend the next 30-45 minutes energetically working with you on my table, as if you are here with me.  

If we’re talking through the session, this may include talking you through a grounding meditation.


Most clients report unwinding and releases in their bodies that feel similar to the tissue unwinding that happens during craniosacral releases.  Usually these releases correspond with sensations I am sensing in my hands while I work, as verified while talking on the phone or video.


At the end of the session, if we are not talking, I will call or text you to complete our session, and if applicable to collect payment and set up another session.


What is the fee for this work?   There is no fee for the first session.  This is to see if and how you respond to distance energy work.  After the first complimentary session, a sliding scale of $20-$50 per session. 


Thank you for the privilege of working with you,


Emily Klik LMT CST