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Calming music

Here are some recommendations for calming music, most of which I have played during sessions or my personal meditation or relaxation time.  I have included links for you, so that you may access these for yourself. Enjoy!

For the relaxing piano music I play during sessions, check out this channel:

The composer releases videos regularly that are just over an hour long.  My personal favorites as of late are called "A Calm Mind" and "Weightless".  Feel free to check out his other videos for yourself. 

Another source of relaxing music I have played over the years includes a CD called "Golden Spa Tones", by Dean Evenson.  The YouTube playlist of the album can be found here: YouTube link

A relaxing meditative musician I enjoy is called Liquid Mind.  His music is available in a variety of places, here's a link to his Spotify channel.

And his YouTube Channel

A relaxing playlist I love on Spotify is called Breathe.  Here's a link: Breathe on Spotify.

Here are a couple of other relaxing playlists I enjoy on Spotify, called "Calming Piano" and "Peaceful Piano"  They feature classical piano and modern classical piano. Links here:  Calming Piano and Peaceful Piano.

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