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 My daily practice.

Upon waking, I affirm that each day has potential for all that life offers... joy, love, connection, reconnection, pain, struggle, triumph, life, death, clarity, grounding, peace, healing, and infinitely more. 

Maintaining a morning practice helps me to be present, grounded, and grateful for all of these experiences, and for all whom I encounter. My personal practice includes meditation, breathing exercises, mantras, yoga, a healthy breakfast, physical exercise, and the following affirmations spoken aloud.

For this day, today,

I will be grounded in serenity,

I will act from service,

I will draw power from presence,

I will love from love,

I will speak from kindness,

I will see from compassion,

I will live from gratitude.

Please be kind and gentle with yourselves, and each other.  

Love from Emily

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