Somato Emotional Release (SER) refers to the process of releasing, balancing, and integrating "emotionally-charged" energy that may be overwhelming your physical body, including your connective tissues and organs.  This technique is considered the deeper level of CranioSacral Therapy, gently creating internal release, balance, freedom, and peace.

Some of the symptoms and experiences that can be addressed:


* Chronic stress

* Emotional/ Mental / Spiritual trauma

* Anxiety

* Grief

* Night terrors

* Inability to relax

* Birth trauma (lingering into adulthood)

* Some forms of depression

* Emotional / mental stagnation/ creative blocks

* PTSD and related symptoms

* Difficulty concentrating


* An "Inner critic" that won't let up

* Feeling "uncomfortable" in one's body

* Feeling "saturated with sadness"

* Old emotional trauma that is stuck in the body (for years or decades)

Why live in pain?


You deserve Peace.

Peace Through Healing.